ISIS terrorist group entangled in severe financial crisis

The sources said that the ISIS terrorists have opened a new Bazaar known as Daesh market in Bu Kamal in Eastern Deir Ezzur that borders al-Anbar province of Iraq to sell the stolen properties of the Iraqi people and police of the towns of Fallujah, Heath and al-Ramadi.

Vehicles are carrying the stolen properties on a road connecting al-Qaim in Iraq to Bu Kamal in Syria round the clock, especially when the roads are not under heavy air raids.

Analysts believe that the recent defeats of the ISIS terrorists, specially in Nineveh, and loss of properties have pushed the terrorist group into financial problems.

Last month, a local source in Nineveh province disclosed that ISIS terrorists’ financial chief escaped the city of Mosul with important financial documents and a list of names of the terrorist group’s commanders to become the third commander in charge of the terrorist group’s financial affairs who disappears in less than two months.

“Abu Qatadeh al-Qahtani, a senior official in charge of ISIS terrorists’ financial affairs has left Mosul for an unknown destination while taking the terrorist group’s important financial documents with himself,” the Arabic-language media quoted the local source as saying.