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geagea theory about everything
Geagea theory about solving crisis

Samir Geagea interviewed lately on TV and gave his suggestion in solving the numerous crisis in Lebanon.

The crisis in Lebanon

Of course, you have heard it many times, or even thousands of times, and you do not want to hear it again. I understand you, dear. But bear with me this time, too. I will repeat it to you. Please read on.

After the Lebanese were exhausted by the war of others on the land of Lebanon, the Saudis, the Americans, and the Syrians drew up the “Taef Agreement” and forced the remaining Lebanese state, with barely a skeletal structure, to place it in the Lebanese constitution, by the strength of the army of the former Syrian regime, and with the power of a terrible Saudi financial persuasion, with the tools of a mixture of fighting militias and Religious bodies sympathy with it and financial centers of influence in Lebanon and Syria. Everyone shared political and financial influence. Since that time, the state’s resources have been undermined and plundered since year 1990. I repeat year 1990.

Bear with me a little longer. When the ceiling fell in 2005 that protected all of this that I mentioned above, they all hurried to get Samir Geagea out of his prison and put him with them in a political alliance that includes the Amal Movement, the Future Movement, the Progressive Socialist Party and of course the Lebanese Forces, led by Samir Geagea himself.

Of course, I do not need to explain to you more, as this political alliance that I mentioned to you has continued, sharing political and financial influence. The state’s resources continued to be undermined and plundered.

The crisis turned global

In addition to the desired Palestinian resettlement, the desired Syrian asylum came from all those Taef countries concerned to protect their homelands, and ISIS tried to extend the Islamic terrorist state to the Lebanese borders and regions within it, and Lebanon realized that its territorial waters were looted due to the shortcomings of the same political alliance above, and the Lebanese found that they are in a political, economic and financial siege. All this is hammering us because you do not comply with the conditions set by the same countries that exhausted us with the Taef Agreement.

Theory of everything

Yes, to solve every crisis or dilemma you want to develop a theory to reach a practical solution. One of the most important theorists in the world named Stephen Hawking developed a theory of everything cosmic. When Stephen asked about his theory of the creation of life apart from the role of God, he replied that the universe may have been created out of nothingness and there is no need for God to exist in the creation process. Hawking failed to make a theory about how we die. And he died with his theory.

Geagea’s theory about everything

As for Samir Geagea’s theory (see photo) for resolving the Lebanese crisis, which he explained in his last interview, he summarized it after explaining in detail, it is the following: Early elections.

Imagine, how we missed that.

Image: Aljadeed