FUNDRAISING FOR JOSE: Bone marrow transplant for 2 years old baby boy

My name is Roy Gergess, I am the father of Joseph Gergess who is currently 2 years old. Joseph and his mother travelled from Lebanon to the USA on September 12th for an appointment with Dr Fariba Rezzae (Pneumologist – Cleveland Clinic) because Joseph has been suffering with Pseudomonas Pneumonitis and was intubated and on respiratory ventilation for the last 2 years.

After almost three months of continuous tests and hospitalization, the doctors concluded that Joseph is suffering from a Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID) due to a mutation in gene SP110 that leads to life-threatening liver fibrosis.

The only cure for the SCID to prevent liver fibrosis is allogenic bone marrow transplant from a healthy donor.

The cost of the hospitalisation and physicians services (From 12/09/16 until 1/12/16) are 727,870.50$. In addition to that, the estimated cost of the transplant is between 750,000.00$ and 1,000,000.00$ leaving us with an overdue of approximately 1,700,000.00$.
After applying 50% discount on the bills since Joseph is an international patient, we need to secure the amount of approximately 850,000.00$ in order to give Joseph a new chance in life.

All the documents are available on the dropbox link below.…

We thank you for your kind support.

Roy, Jimmy and Joseph Gergess