FPM Says LF Agrees to Bassil Electoral Law: We’ll Reject Extension if No New Law

The Lebanese Forces has agreed to the electoral law that has been proposed by Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil and the two parties will “reject a technical extension” of parliament’s term in the absence of a new electoral law, Change and Reform bloc secretary MP Ibrahim Kanaan said Tuesday.

“I discussed with (LF leader) Dr. (Samir) Geagea several files, especially the electoral law and the general financial situation, and we confirmed that the FPM and the LF are in agreement on the latest electoral law that was proposed by Minister Jebran Bassil, in addition to some suggestions that we agreed on in the past,” said Kanaan after meeting Geagea in Kanaan.

The meeting was held in the presence of Information Minister Melhem Riachi.

“To us in the FPM and the LF, and this is a common stance, there can be no extension without a new electoral law, and even a technical extension will be discussed by the two parties should we reach this juncture, but the most important condition is the approval of a new law and let no one test us,” Kanaan warned.

“We are the sons of this republic and this state and we believe in it and in its advancement and coexistence, but that requires certain rules and mechanisms,” he added.

Several parties have voiced reservations over the law proposed by Bassil and Hizbullah has asked for amendments.

Bassil’s format calls for electing 64 MPs according to to the proportional representation system and 64 others by their respective sects under a winner-takes-all system.