FPM refuses stalling in endorsing new election law

The Free Patriotic Movement rejected on Monday the current stalling in endorsing a new election law, urging the concerned sides to resume the “positive path” that has kicked off with the election of President Michel Aoun and the formation of Saad Hariri’s national unity government.

“Stalling means halting that constitutional path and the FPM shall not accept this, but will face it with its political and popular power,” the Movement said in a statement issued following its politburo regular meeting, under the chairmanship of Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil.

“Conferees tackled the issue of the election law and the available proposals’ they maintained that the failure to endorse a new election law that guarantees correct and just representation will obstruct the political life in the country, since [this law] highlights political stability and paves the way for building the state,” the statement read.

Conferees also considered that further delay in that respect would produce a “justified” popular uprising, vowing to be among the first participants.