Exclusive Interview with Rindala Jabbour for Odiaspora.org

Rindala JABBOUR (@RindalaJabbour), a member of the FPM’s political bureau and a journalist in Sawt El Mada (@Sawtelmada), visited the border areas of the mountain where the battles of the Lebanese army are taking place against Daesh. She gives us her impressions:

How did you find the morale of the soldiers?

I found the morale of the troops very high, it was even they who sometimes raised the morale of the people. The soldiers, surrounded by the population, supported by the strong president, by the strong command of the army, can only maintain a morale of steel. And the stronger the morale is , the more the outcome of the battle is headed for victory.

Do you think the battle is almost over?

I think that victory is within our grasp and a few hours or a few days separate us from the final announcement of the total liberation of the territory.

How was the reception of the inhabitants?

The inhabitants receive delegations of population from different regions, receive food aid and in kind that they deliver to the army. The atmosphere is exceptional; We saw tents on which were raised the flags of Lebanon and the army, children dressed in military trusses, men and women who begin the celebration even before the announcement of victory.

What did you feel when you arrived in this area?

When one comes to this region, one understands all the meaning of the tripartite equation: army, people and resistance; We realize the obsolescence of some political reflections at this level and the accuracy of the political vision of President Aoun.

What is your message to the Lebanese?

From there, I appeal to all Lebanese to come and visit this region, to see for themselves what is happening on the ground and to understand the true meaning of terrorism, the Lebanese army, the resistance of the Lebanese population. Anyone who doubts will know that our land has truly lived through terrorism, but has really been able to defeat it.

What is your message to the world that is suffering the same scourge of terrorism?

Until then, when calls were made against terrorism, we were ignored. Today we have proven to the world that terrorism really exists, that Daesh is a reality, but that defeating them is within reach if we have the firm will to do so. The West is beginning to feel the real danger because terrorism is beginning to invade their country and their populations
We all have to fight this terrorism and we have to put an end to the creation of new terrorist organizations that we manipulate to win in politics.