Clashes at Burj al-Barajneh and pursuit of shooters in progress

Clashes broke out between Palestinians and young Lebanese from the Jaafar family in Burj al- Barajneh on Friday afternoon and were interrupted in the early evening.

Heavy shots were heard throughout the region. One Palestinian was killed and seven were injured, while an MTV correspondant and an injured cameraman were detained at the camp for a short period during the clashes.

Residents said that the fighting had statred  as a dispute between members of the Jaafar clan and the al-Qafas Palestinian family on the outskirts of the Burj al- Barajneh camp. The fighting stopped for a few hours to intensify early at night, leading the Lebanese army to deploy on the outskirts of the camp near the Al- Joura neighborhood.

The Lebanese army issued a statement indicating that it carries on pursuit of gunmen who traded fire and made casualties, to arrest them and bring them to justice.