Civil Defense volunteers wave escalatory steps

NNA – Civil Defense volunteers held a press conference at the protest tent set up off the border, threatening to escalate their move “because of procrastination in dealing with their case,” the NNA correspondent reported on Friday.

One of the volunteers, Yousef Mallah, spoke at the conference, saying that Civil Defense Director General, Brigadier Raymond Khattar, had told them that any participant in the move will have his membership card withdrawn.
“So, I handed over my card and I am moving on with this sit-in, not wearing my uniform,” he said.

“We thank the people of this region for their support, while all the concerned officials are absent. We address Premier Tammam Salam (…) and we assure everyone that our dignity is the foundation and we will continue with this sit-in,” he said on behalf of fellow volunteers.

“We will spend the night outside, near the Lebanese flag. Nobody knows where we might get, so do you take responsibility for what would happen?” Mallah warned.