Army Commander Joseph Aoun: The battle was Heroic!

Lebanese Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun affirmed Friday, in a speech delivered during the honoring ceremony of the army martyrs at the Defense Ministry in Yarzeh, that “the unity and territorial integrity of Lebanon is safeguarded by the army and its martyrs.”

“However, the joy of triumphing against terrorism remains incomplete because we hoped for the return of then abducted soldiers to the army. The Jouroud battle wouldn’t have accomplished its goal if it weren’t for the support of the President, the PM, and the Speaker to the Military Institution,” added commander Aoun

“The sacrifices of the martyrs will not be in vain and that despite the victory, great sacrifice still awaits the army, which is fully committed to the resolution 1701,” said the commander and affirmed that “in the future the army will respond similarly against anyone who attempts to mess with the national sovereignty.”

“From now on, the army will be deployed along Lebanon’s eastern border range,” concluded commander Aoun.

Translated by Hala Hayek Najjar