Aoun underscores Abbas important role in maintaining stability in camps


President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, stressed during a joint press conference with Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, in Baabda Palace the important role of the latter in preserving stability in Palestinian refugee camps to prevent their transformation into hotbeds for those who want to exploit Palestinian people’s sufferings.

“No peace without justice, and no justice without granting rights. From this point, I underscore that the most important challenge is the extent of our ability to impose a just and comprehensive solution to all the aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict, according to international resolutions and the articles of Arab summit’s resolutions,” President Aoun confirmed.

He stressed that unilateralism in the world collapsed, and no country can be built on the basis of one religion that reject the other and push him out of his land, identity and culture.

“We are all invited, on the eve of the Arab summit, to work on reviving the Arab League’s role to be able to face crises in solidarity.”

“The need has become more urgent to find political solutions to crises and ongoing bloodsheds in some Arab countries,” Aoun said.

“We agreed to coordinate positions and to cooperate to serve the interests of our two countries and issues of justice and peace that we paid the price to achieve,” he concluded.