Aoun to the Task Force for Lebanon: “We are Determined to Fight Terrorism.”

President Michel Aoun met in New York with the delegation “Task Force for Lebanon” headed by Edward Gabriel, in the presence of the Lebanese delegation’s members, and the Charge d’Affaires of the Lebanese Embassy in Washington Carla Jazzar.
The Meeting of President Aoun took place on the sidelines of heading the Lebanese delegation to the UN General Assembly in its 72nd session.

President Aoun stressed the importance of communication with the delegation in order to stimulate the Lebanese-American relations, praising the efforts deployed by the “Task Force for Lebanon” to deliver the Lebanese public opinion’s positions to the US administration and to communicate with US officials concerning matters that serve the interest of Lebanon.

Addressing the latest Lebanese events that happened in Arsal against ISIL, the president assured the delegation that he is determined to complete the reform process, adding that the assistance provided to the military institution is essential to improve its capabilities and stressed that the Lebanese Army is capable of fighting terrorism.

Hala Hayek Najjar