Aoun Says Keen on Govt. ‘Harmony, Solidarity’, Laments Kataeb Absence

In his first remarks after the formation of the new government, President Michel Aoun said he is keen on the presence of “a harmonious Cabinet,” hoping its members will show “solidarity” among each other.

“There is no time to waste, especially that the Lebanese are looking forward to having an effective government that rises to the level of their expectations,” Aoun told his visitors on Monday.

“It is true that the current government’s mission is to organize the parliamentary polls on time, but this does not mean that it should be lax in addressing the pressing social issues and the citizens’ affairs, especially the resumption of the suspended developmental projects,” the president added.

Referring to Kataeb Party’s absence from the Cabinet line-up, Aoun said: “I was hoping that all the main parties will be represented, because as I have always said, the new tenure has a place for everyone except for those who dissociate themselves.”