Aoun from Qatar: Work underway on comprehensive economic, developmental plans

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, said on Wednesday that the Lebanese state was working on drafting comprehensive economic and developmental plans, and pledged adequate access to electricity, water, and transportation services.

“The next time the Lebanese community members of Qatar visit Lebanon, they will sense real change,” the President said in an address he delivered during a reception dinner by the Lebanese Ambassador to Qatar, Hassan Najem, at Sheraton Hotel – Doha.

“The Lebanese people’s attachment to one another has ensured security and stability and has paved the way for a new mandate: the election a President, the formation of a cabinet, and the swift decision making,” Aoun said.

The President made clear that his visit to KSA and Qatar aimed at patching-up relations, especially in the wake of the Arab-Arab wars and divisions that had been witnessed in the Middle East region.

“We aim to cement relations and put them on the right track, in an atmosphere of love and mutual respect,” he added.

As for Lebanon’s prime objectives, Aoun expressed hope the country would restore its regular economic, trade and industrial cycle soon.

“We seek to build a nation that abides by the rule of law. Our main goal is to have Lebanon’s industrial, trade, and tourism sectors flourish. We also wish to enrich the country’s natural wealth, a thing which has been translated in the ratification of the oil and gas excavation decrees,” Aoun added.

The President finally hailed the role of the Lebanese community of Qatar, helping Lebanon’s economy burgeon through their contributions going back and forth to their motherland, Lebanon.

It is to note that Aoun will be leaving Doha tomorrow and heading back to Beirut, winding up a visit to both, KSA and Qatar.