Aoun: National unity is first weapon to defend Lebanon

NNA – Free Patriotic Movement leader, Deputy Michel Aoun said on Tuesday “national unity is the strongest weapon to defend Lebanon”.

He described his recent meeting with former Prime Minister, Saad Hariri on the presidential vacuum as “positive”.

“Hariri is the leader of the Lebanese Sunnis. It is only natural to have him as the country’s prime minister,” Aoun stressed, adding no one can imagine Lebanon without the Sunnis.

Aoun said that there was no conflict between him and Hariri regarding the implementation of the Taef Accord.

Speaking to OTV, Aoun touched on the media propaganda regarding his relation with the Sunni community, “martyr Rafik Hariri used to respect the National Pact when he was in power”.

Regarding his relation with Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, he said, “The relation with Berri is good and there is no disagreement with him in politics”.

“I told Berri that I did not mean him with the illegitimate label but the entire parliament as it was not elected by the people,” Aoun concluded.