Aoun: Government will be formed, no fear of delay

Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, stressed on Tuesday that the government would be formed, calling for comfort not fear.

President Aoun’s stance on Tuesday came during his meeting with the Union of Beirut Families at Baabda Palace.

Nicolas Tueini, who spoke in the name of the Union, confirmed to the President that Lebanon witnessed a national recovery since his election at the political, social and security levels.

Aoun hoped the government would be formed soon to achieve the already set goals, on top of which the fight against corruption.

“We are facing a real problem, instead of sustainable development we are witnessing sustainable negligence and corruption, which is causing a financial instability in Lebanon and brain drain, thus the society shall contribute in solving this issue.”

He also highlighted other important issues that should be addressed, notably the environment, water and the electricity.

“We will fight the parties that are provoking political crises, and we must encourage people to support our ideas.”

Separately, it is worth mentioning that a Christmas tree illumination ceremony by President Michel Aoun and the First Lady Nadia Aoun will take place at Baabda Palace at 19h00.