Amal Abou Zeid demands true Christian partnership that starts with just electoral law

NNA – “Change and Reform” bloc member, Deputy Amal Abou Zeid confirmed on Friday “we are actual and real partners in the country. We are open to communications with all the political factions “.

He called on the politicians to approve a new and just electoral law that would give the Christians 64 MPs.

He stressed that his bloc’s stances were not against persons but against the political approach which was practiced.

“Abolishing a sect means the abolishment of the nation,” he told Sawt el Mada radio.

“Today the rights of Christians are being violated in the government,” the MP stressed, adding that the actual participation in the decision would lead to proper governance and proper constitutional logic.

Regarding the fate of September 5 dialogue session, he said “All issues are open and Deputy Michel Aoun is the only person who decides this issue”.