Gebran Bassil! Amazing Insanity!

       About Gebran Bassil’s Incredible “Craziness” … Unbelievable!
Georges Ghora- (Translation Rami Najjar & Hala Hayek Najjar)

Gebran Gerges Bassil is the Minister of every government, rather the Minister of all Ministries! Form the ministry of Communication, to the ministry of Energy all the way to Ministry of Foreign affairs and Expatriates, he has transformed them all into dominating ministries, but his glory was in the ministry of Foreign affairs where he transformed it into the focus of attention of all the politicians making them crave the opportunity to live in the old Boustros palace in order to direct the foreign policy of Lebanon.

As soon as Prime Minister Hariri resigned from Saudi Arabia, Bassil had a feeling that some dire events were transpiring and attempted unsuccessfully to reach Hariri, he then redirected his efforts to communicate with Nader Hariri to inquire about Saad’s fate.

Immediately, Bassil realized the immensity of the situation and that what was being conspired against Lebanon was far greater than the resignation of Hariri, he mobilized the phones of Boustros palace and connected with the ambassadors of Lebanon overseas as well as the foreign ambassadors in Lebanon, and when he became aware that the plot was far greater he mobilized his personal phone and contacted the Arab, European and foreign ministers, and every foreign minister told him ”they want to destroy Lebanon and murder its people, and there is a dangerous plan being plotted against Lebanon including a war with Israel and assassinations and more”.

Gebran Bassil had his eye on Saad Hariri, and his heart as well; He did not cease for one moment his contact with Nader Hariri in order to stay appraised of every single detail big and small, and Bassil was one of the first people to realize the game of destruction against Saad Hariri’s persona in order to replace him with his brother Baha’ Hariri, well before the “hawks” of the political Future party realized it.

The diplomatic movement that the president Michel Aoun launched with the ambassadors in foreign countries was continued on a higher level with foreign ministers and heads of state, and every time his plane would land in a foreign country he would contact the minister of foreign affairs of that country and inform him he is coming to him in order to rescue Lebanon.

The minister that does not tire or sleep, traveled 8 countries in 3 days where he met sometimes heads of state and other times foreign ministers, from Brussels to France to Italy to the Vatican and on to Germany, England, Turkey, and Russia during which he recounted the truth of what was transpiring.

His tour did not just focus on applying pressure on Saudi Arabia in order to reveal the fate of Hariri and his release, but surpassed it to ensure the stability of Lebanon and stop the plot aimed at striking it. His best stop was in Paris where he took the necessary steps and apprised the French president of the facts, after which France reacted and began applying pressure, and Bassil was not surprised by any French decision because he had been previously apprised of it, but he was surprised by the announcement of the French president that Hariri was on his way to Paris, because the agreement was to not disclose that information.

Bassil, during his tour, only slept a few hours on the plane; when he traveled by train from France to England he was working on pushing the file of expatriate registrations abroad forward so they may join in the upcoming elections, and between this and that event Nader Hariri was being informed of the progress and the results of the latest developments coming from Saudi Arabia while keeping president Michel Aoun aware of what had transpired.
Bassil ended his tour and returned to Beirut Airport, but he did not go to see his family, instead he proceeded to the Tayyar dinner held by the Baabda group of the political party, where he gave a speech in which he assured the crowd that there will be no Independence Day celebration without Saad Hariri.

The next day Hariri responded by saying he will be joining in the celebration of Independence Day, which showed the degree of continuous communication between Hariri and Bassil through his brother Nader then and through direct contact today as well.

We can say that Bassil rescued Hariri from a known fate, as well as steered Lebanon away from a dark and dangerous path, and through his phone and his vast travels around the globe, Bassil flew from Lebanon and returned to it, and after his efforts with the French to free Hariri he rested and launched his efforts on the foreign affair front in order to push the Lebanese to register in order to share in the upcoming parliamentary elections, and transformed his office into a beehive with one eye on the screen displaying the number of registrations and the other on his phone keeping track of the political situation and the next phase to which we were heading.

Gebran Bassil is not a Minister of all governments but a Minister of all the events and situations, and has become the painter of the Lebanese policies both internally and externally.