Why West is Against Russia’s Use of Iran’s Airbase to Crush Terrorists in Syria

Russian military jets, deployed in ‪‎Iran, have‬ conducted new airstrikes in ‪‎northeastern Syria‬. The bombardments have destroyed two command centers and two training camps. Radio Sputnik asked Dr. Tim Anderson, political activist and writer, why the West criticized Moscow’s decision to use Iran’s airbase for its missions in Syria.‬‬‬‬

“Russia entered this conflict very carefully with the same objectives as the US but it is the interpretation that differs. The US has maintained that it is supporting moderate rebels who are at the same time against the extremists and also against the Syrian government. Now that is a fallacy which Russians, Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians understand but the US has got itself trapped in this double speak,” Anderson said.

He further said that moderate rebels’ claim is what the US is hanging on to and without that claim it would be losing its bargaining chip in the region.

Fighters from Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate Al-Nusra Front. (File)
© AFP 2016/ Fadi al-Halabi / AMC
Lavrov: US Unable to See Difference Between Moderates, Terrorists in Syria
Talking about Russia’s use of the Iranian Hamadan airbase, the analyst said that the talks between both the countries on mutual collaboration have been ongoing and it comes as no surprise.

“There are some logistic benefits to come at the enemy from that side. It is also a demonstration of how closely Russia is working with Iran. It is a political statement demonstrating that this alliance is a powerful one.”

Anderson further spoke about Turkey’s offer to let Russia use its airbase to launch sorties against the terrorists in Syria. The analyst said that right now it is hard to say whether that would be the case because there has been a lot of double talk from Turkey earlier.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Ministry said that it had deployed bombers and strike fighters in Iran, adding that the jets had already been used in Syria. Following the announcement, the US State Department’s deputy spokesperson Mark Toner called Moscow’s decision to carry out airstrikes from Iran as “unfortunate but not unexpected.”

Western media also gave a cold shoulder to Moscow’s move, once again claiming that Russia’s strikes allegedly target moderates or civilians.

However, Moscow has denied those claims, noting the airstrikes have always targeted only terrorist positions. Earlier, Iraq, which lies between Iran and Syria, gave Russia permission to conditionally use the county’s airspace for anti-terrorist operations.

Talking about relations between Washington and Moscow following this recent development, Anderson said that Washington is on a losing streak and Russia may put an end to this conflict and in the future it is possible to see some serious diplomatic breakthrough between the two countries.