Video: Minister Gebran Calls for a Parliament of Proportional Representation

Watch ( the video above).

The head of the Free Patriotic Movement leader, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Gebran Bassil held a press conference on Monday following the FPM Political bureau meeting. This is a brief of Bassil’s statement: (for the  press conference, watch the video above.)

-We call for the creation of a Senate to which each sect would elect its own representatives based on full proportional representation.

-We are willing to approve a parliamentary electoral law and a Senate elected according to the Orthodox Gathering proposal. Such demand has been our stance since national dialogue.

-To the political parties that have rejected all electoral law formats I say that you want a civil state, only with respect to the electoral law but when we want to appoint a low-ranking employee, they resort to a sectarian mentality.

-The hybrid electoral law that mixes proportional representation with the win-win system aims at paving the way for transition from a sectarian situation to a civil situation.