UK Ambassador: International Community Wants a Strong Partner in Lebanon

British Ambassador Hugo Shorter held a meeting with Speaker Nabih Berri on Friday where talks focused on the situation in Lebanon and the need to address the challenges facing the country.

Following the meeting Ambassador Shorter said: “I hope government formation can conclude soon. Lebanon needs a dynamic government now, setting to work to address the many challenges facing the country: public services, economic stagnation, security.”

The Ambassador went on to say: “The International community wants a strong partner in Lebanon, to resist the impact of turmoil in the region, to manage the high number of refugees here, and to help vulnerable Lebanese communities as well as Syrians cope with the big challenges they are facing.”

Touching on the upcoming parliamentary elections, he said: “We also discussed next year’s Parliamentary elections. Important for the Lebanese people, and Lebanon’s credibility as a democracy, that they go ahead on time.”

“I hope that the next election will be a stronger, more transparent, more representative election. In particular, key measures on pre-printed ballot papers and secret voting should be implemented. And I hope measures can be taken to significantly improve the representation of women in Parliament, whether through law or by the parties themselves,” he concluded.