Report: Fadel Shaker Wants Security Agencies’ Assistance to Run to Qatar

Singer turned salafist Fadel Shaker, an affiliate of detained extremist cleric Ahmed al-Asir, has requested the security apparatuses to facilitate his travel to Qatar, As Safir daily reported on Monday.

“Repentant singer and fugitive Fadel Shaker has asked the security agencies (in Lebanon) to facilitate his travel to Qatar,” reported the daily.

Pop star turned fugitive, Shaker, was sentenced in February to five years in prison on charges of sectarian incitement.

He was also charged with “harming Lebanon’s ties with a fraternal Arab country” during an interview he conducted in the past few years.

He was stripped of his civil rights and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

In May 2015, he was sentenced to four-and-half years in jail, but in June the Cassation Court nullified the verdict and ordered a retrial. He was released on bail in January.

Around four years ago, he became affiliated with extremist Salafist movements linked to cleric Ahmed al-Asir, whose supporters waged deadly clashes with the army in the Abra area of the southern city of Sidon in 2013.

Asir was arrested last year.