(Pics/Video) Terrorist Explosion at London’s Parson Green Tube

A rush hour explosion on a London Underground train injured 22 people. The blast is being treated as a “terrorist attack”, CNN reported on Friday.
The British counter-terrorism officer, Mark Rowley said to reporters, “It was a detonation of an improvised explosive device,” and added that the London police is being supported by Britain’s MI5 intelligence service.

Television footage showed passengers being escorted off a carriage, while a Reuters witness saw armed police around a stationary train, as well as a bomb disposal unit at the scene.

Pictures taken on the premises showed a white bucket with a supermarket freezer bag, in flames on the floor of one train wagon, and there seemed to be wires coming out of the top.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson asked people to “keep calm” and to continue their lives as usual. Meanwhile US President Donald Trump responded to the incident in a series of tweets.