MP Kanaan: No Parliament extension, no going back to 60’s electoral law, Bloc open to any law that secures equality and proper representation

“Change and Reform” Parliamentary Bloc Secretary, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, stressed, on Sunday, that “there shall be no extension of the current Parliament Council’s mandate nor will there be any going back to the 1960 electoral law.”

“Our Bloc is open to any law that ensures equality and proper representation,” added Kanaan, speaking on the eve of the Bloc’s tour amongst political parties and blocs on Monday.

“There is no justification for the lack of agreement over a new electoral law, and the Parliament ought to proceed immediately to discuss and approve either the Orthodox Law or Relativity Law on the basis of 15 departments,” stated Kanaan.

He added: “Time is running out, and the government track does not contradict with the course of the Parliamentary elections law, which has been one of the priorities during the presidential vacuum.”

Kanaan referred to the ongoing communication with House Speaker, Nabih Berri, over the issue, adding that “all indications point to a serious determination for a swift action to reach an electoral law.”