Bassil: We will boycott Thursday session as message to stop law violation

NNA – Head of Free Patriotic Movement, Foreign Affairs Minister, Gibran Bassil, said that FPM ministers would boycott Thursday cabinet session as means to send a message to the government to stop violating laws in the country.

Minister Bassil’s stance came Tuesday in the context of the regular weekly meeting for the Bloc of Reform and Change under the chairmanship of General Michel Aoun in Rabieh.

“We don’t want the country to live a complete gap. For this reason, we decided to remain in the government and rectify its performance instead…We will not be silent this year at extending mandates of military officers and we will work on prohibiting that,” said Bassil.

He explained that after Thursday’s session a regime crisis would be reached in the country, saying that their absence from the session will mean lack of consensuality and national entity. “We are defending the regime because we want to exercize it in our performance.”