Interview with Dr. Elie Haddad

🎙Dr. Elie Haddad: The secret of the Lebanese distinction abroad – Voice of Lebanon

Listen to VDL interview with Dr. Elie Haddad. Source: Voice of Lebanon.

Dr. Elie Haddad about Diaspora’s story: the secret of the Lebanese distinction abroad is our pluralistic and open society, Dr. Elie Haddad, specialist in diabetes and endocrinology, president of the Lebanese-French Diabetes Association and president of the Lebanese-European Medical Association, confirmed that he left Lebanon in 1990 to complete his studies in France and tried to return to Lebanon in 1997, but he felt political instability and decided to stay in France.

In an interview with the Diaspora’s story program via Voice of Lebanon, he revealed that the aim of establishing Lebanese-French medical societies is scientific and in order to introduce Lebanon and exchange experiences. Haddad considered that the secret of the Lebanese distinction abroad is our multi-cultural society that is open to others and to different cultures. Dr. Haddad also revealed the volume of aid that was sent to Lebanon for the sake of the Lebanese resilience, and the aim was to reach safety and stability in order to preserve Lebanon as The East Hospital.

Source: Voice of Lebanon

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