(Video) Minister Bassil Suggests ‘Removing Political Sectarianism.’

After chairing a meeting for the Free Patriotic Movements’ political office, Minister Bassil held a press conference and said the following:

We are [Tayyar], we have lived with injustice and the attempt to separate us from the Lebanese; and today there are those who are trying to steer Lebanon to a place we do not want to reach.”

“Today we have a constitution that governs our national lives and we are clinging to it and do not wish to overturn it.”

“The accusation of attempting to overturn the constitution comes from those who are creating new traditions and not those who wish to hold on to the constitution.”

“Lebanon does not live by many dualities but rather by one duality that governs it, and that is the Christian-Muslim duality, that is to say the Christian-Muslim cooperation.”

“There is no isolation of any sect in Lebanon, and creating the image of an attempt at isolation in the interior and trying to link it to the outside that is to the expatriates.”

“We assure that there are no dualities or any other formula that can survive in Lebanon, whereas we have a diversity and this the Lebanese image.”

“Our offer is always the civil model of government not only for the elections but for the way of life as well and for the protection of anything Lebanese and this would be our salvation.”

“Seeing as the majority has refused the civil model, we offer in the interim and without any changes to the constitution the canceling of the political sectarianism in order to maintain the fairness between the Muslims and the Christians.”

We have an agreement with Hezbollah for the protection of the country and it is a strategic one and all the political ploys will not overpower it.”

We have an understanding with the Future and we are holding on to it as well as our attachment to the fairness between Christians for the sake of national unity.”

“The constitution is our governing word and we call on all to read and we abide by it.”

The free patriotic movement will always be the defender of the national unity.” concluded Minister Bassil.