It has been said, Enough!

It has been said that “if tyranny and injustice were a man and wanted to define his origins would have said, I am evil and my father is injustice and my mother is abuse.” And here we are telling you #Suleiman_Frangieh, Enough!

You have wronged the people during the time of guardianship in the name of protecting the Christians. You have been cruel and tyrannical for many long years, from as early as 1990 till 2005, in the name of the charter and refused the kindness and friendship of the General with flimsy excuses …

Today we say to you, Enough! and as the president of the Free Patriotic Movement #Gebran_Bassil said, “national contentment is the most valuable thing we have.”

We will no longer accept the lies, deceit, and misinformation after today, especially during the era of our mighty and strong President, Michel Aoun.