Aoun: Everything will be renewed through existing political understanding on basis of Lebanon’s reconstruction

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, promised that “everything will be renewed in the country through the existing political understanding based on the reconstruction of Lebanon, regardless of differences in political views.”

“No country shall rise in wake of a split nation or in the absence of solidarity between its people,” stressed Aoun, speaking at the reception hosted in his honor by Lebanese Acting Charge d’Affaires in Jordan, Ali Mawla, at the Intern-Continental Hotel in Amman. A crowd of Lebanese expatriates gathered at the reception to welcome the Lebanese President in the Jordanian capital.

In his delivered word on the occasion, the President vowed that “new institutions will be seen actively functioning in Lebanon, and new development projects will be initiated.”

“Lebanon is First, and we shall live Lebanon First, for the sake of its development and coexistence, and God willing, we will be successful in our mission, determination and aspirations,” asserted Aoun.

He added: “The true will is the will that triumphs, for any solid will that aims for goodness cannot but win!”

“Lebanon is now on the right path towards real national unity. It is true that there are political differences, but they exist outside the Lebanese borders, and not within; thus, we fear not any loss of security or stability in the country. And we invite everyone to visit Lebanon, at least once a year,” stated Aoun reassuringly.

The President concluded by stressing that “Lebanon is moving in the direction of prosperity, and we shall adopt radical reform measures aiming at restoring the proper functioning and modernization of all State departments.”