Report: Proportional Representation Back into the Spotlight

Prospects are emerging that a proportional representation vote law for the upcoming parliamentary polls where Lebanon is divided into 13 districts could be put for discussion, al-Akhbar daily reported on Monday.

The next stage will witness suggestions made by President Michel Aoun to hold the polls based on a proportional representation system where Lebanon is divided into 13 districts. The proposal will be suggested to political parties, sources close to Aoun told the daily.

The sources said the proposal has gained the president’s approval.

They added that Aoun is keen on finding a new law that will govern the polls and has therefore pressured political parties into agreeing on one by threatening to call for a popular referendum shall they fail.

He has also voiced rejection for extending the parliament’s term and holding the polls based on the controversial 1960 election law.

The political parties have intensified their efforts recently in a bid to agree on a new electoral law before the expiry of the deadlines.

The country has not organized parliamentary elections since 2009 and the legislature has instead twice extended its own mandate.

The last polls were held under an amended version of the 1960 electoral law and the next vote is scheduled for May.