Sarraf from Akkar: We face terrorism with unity, dialogue and strong military

Minister of Defense, Yacoub Sarraf, said during a ceremony honoring him in Akkar that the goal of the new term is to achieve balanced growth that does justice to border regions.

The event honoring the Minister was organized by Bishop of Akkar diocese for the Greek Orthodox, and attended by a host of political and religious figures.

“Our priority is to stand by our military institution and bolster its capabilities…because it is the sole guarantor of civil peace,” said Sarraf, lauding the many sacrifices that Akkar made to the country to that end.

“We confirm that we will face terrorism from any side with our unity, dialogue, army, and security forces.”

The Minister touched on the outcome of President Michel Aoun’s visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, noting that said visit restored the brotherly relations with said countries.

“PM Saad Hariri gave directives to all concerned ministries to take all possible measures to receive our Saudi brethren and all Arab brethren in Lebanon and offer the appropriate atmosphere to host them.”