Aoun before Lebanese community in Saudi Arabia: Upcoming days will prove return of LebaneseSaudi ties

President Michel Aoun confirmed that “the upcoming days will prove the return of strong Saudi- Lebanese ties”.

Aoun’s remarks came during a meeting with the Lebanese community at the Lebanese Embassy in Saudi Arabia and in the presence of the Ambassador of Lebanon to Saudi Arabia, Abdel Sattar Isa.

The President said “Lebanon is passing through a new stage where decisions are formulated for the benefit of the nation and citizens”.

“Good ties should be the symbol of this historic relationship and the mutual loyalty between you and the Saudis,” Aoun confirmed.

For his part, Isa welcomed Aoun, stressing that “the Kingdom is keen on the unity and stability of Lebanon and its constant seek to enhance the capabilities of the state and its institutions.”

On the other hand, Lebanese Trade and Economy Minister, Raed Khoury, met with the Saudi Economy Minister, Mohamad al-Tweijri. Discussions focused on the exchange of experiences between the two countries and the establishment of a joint committee.