Geagea: No serious indications regarding Hezbollah and LF dialogue, we are not against Iranian military aid for Lebanon

“There are no serious indications regarding the Lebanese Forces and Hezbollah dialogue…we cannot agree on the triad equation of the people, resistance and the army especially that we know what the State’s institutions include,” Lebanese Forces Leader (LF), Samir Geagea said on Saturday in an interview to “al-Kabas” newspaper which will be published on Sunday.

LF leader expressed positivity about President Aoun’s visit to Iran by saying “Aoun’s visit to Iran is normal and if Iran wants to help Lebanon, then why not?” adding that he is not against any Iranian aid for the Lebanese Armed Forces.

Geagea also highlighted the importance of President Aoun’s visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and described it as an “excellent” opportunity, especially that it would include the Kingdom’s aid for the Lebanese Army and the reactivation of the return of the Gulf tourists to Lebanon.

“The will and the maturity of all the political forces have led to a stable situation in Lebanon,” Geagea said during the interview.

Commenting on the cooperation between the Army Intelligence and Hezbollah, Geagea said that such decision started from a political power.

Geagea asserted that the Lebanese government has the will to hold the parliamentary elections on time according to a new electoral law that ensured fair representation to all Lebanese components.

He noted that the agreement between the LF and the Free Patriotic Movement created a significant change on the Lebanese scene.

Commenting on the oil matter, Geagea expressed sensitivity to this subject and refused any mistake in this file. He added that there were no mistakes in the two decrees approved by the Cabinet, wondering about the opposition of Deputy Walid Jumblatt to this subject.

Finally, he refused the return “of the influence of Bashar al-Assad on Lebanon or even on Syria.”