Sarraf, Kahwaji visit Operations Room: We seek to reinforce military institution capabilities

National Defense Minister, Yacoub Sarraf, visited on Friday Army Commander General Jean Kahwaji at his office, for talks over the military institution’s present situation and its various needs.

Minister Sarraf and General Kahwaji then moved together to the Command Operations Room, whereby Director of Operations Brigadier General Ziad al-Homsi gave firsthand briefing over the Room’s work and its communication with the various operation rooms across the Lebanese territories, in addition to their defensive tasks on the southern and eastern borders.

Brigadier al-Homsi also gave briefing over the security measures implemented by the Room in the various areas to maintain security and the pursuit of wanted men, and reassuring citizens during the holiday season.

Minister Sarraf stressed that he shall exert all efforts to reinforce the capabilities of the army in the next phase, in line with the size of responsibilities shouldered by the army.

Sarraf also heaped praises on “the great efforts undertaken by the army to safeguard national stability, especially in the field of combating terrorism and the various sorts of organized crime, in addition to its full readiness on the southern border in the face of Israeli enemy.”