Geagea: New Govt. Can be Formed if Needed, LF behind New Course in Country

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea has announced that the new government can be “held accountable,” or “ousted” if needed, noting that the LF was behind the recent change in the country’s political course.

“We now have a president and vigorous political activity has returned to the Baabda Palace,” Geagea said during the LF’s annual engineers dinner in Maarab.

“We now have a government that has won a vote of confidence, although it is not at the level of our expectations, but we can hold it accountable and we can also oust it, seeing as the president can hold new consultations for the appointment of a new PM,” he added.

“With a clear conscience I can tell you that we in the LF were the main reason behind all the difference that has occurred, seeing as we changed the entire course of things in the country on January 18, 2016,” Geagea went on to say, referring to the date on which he endorsed General Michel Aoun’s presidential bid.

He added: “This is the beginning of the road for achieving our aspirations, and at least now we are no longer lost in the desert and we’ve become on the track of building the State.”