Sarraf during handing over ceremony at Defense Ministry: Fortifying army my key priority

Handing over ceremony took place on Thursday at the Defense Ministry in Yarzeh between outgoing Minister Samir Moqbel and new Minister Yaacoub Sarraf.

Minister Sarraf laid a wreath at the monument of army martyrs in the Ministry’s premises, and he was welcomed upon arrival at Ministry hall by Army Commander General Jean Kahwaji, Army Chief of Staff Major General Hatem Madi and senior army officers.

In his delivered word, Minister Moqbel saluted the military institution and security services’ mighty efforts in the face of terrorism and maintaining stability in Lebanon, amidst the conflicts in the region.

Minister Sarraf, for his part, underlined that his prime concern and priority during his assumption of his new mission at the helm of the Ministry would be fortifying the army and developing its capabilities, to become capable of deterring all sorts of attacks on our homeland, and to be the protector of independence and sovereignty.