Bassil after Change and Reform bloc meeting: 60s law, extension of parliament’s term utterly rejected

FPM president, Gebran Bsssil, confirmed in the wake of the Change and Refom bloc’s regular meeting on Thursday that January should not go by without an agreement on a new electoral law.
“Neither the option of adopting the 60s law, nor extending the parliament’s term are accepted,” he assured, stressing his political camp’s keenness on rejecting both solutions.

“Reforms are necessary within the election law. Let us either go back to 108 Deputies, or go for redistributing parliamentary seats. We understand the necessity of having a women quota, and we suggest not allowing any electoral list that does not include females. One of our main requests is to have expatriates represented within the parliament,” Bassil said.

“The Orthodox law is the only one that guarantees right representation. We are willing to make sacrifices over any other law provided that it guarantees parity, just representation and equal standards,” he went on.

Tackling the government formation issue, Bassil said there had been an agreement on drafting a ministerial statement inspired from the President’s oath.

Regretting the flaws that the present government contains, Bassil assured, however, that a constitutional adjustment has been made vis-a-vis Christians in this cabinet.