Aoun receives French Foreign Minister, says international cooperation facing terrorism paramount

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Thursday relayed to visiting French Foreign Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, Lebanon’s keenness on boosting French-Lebanese relations at all levels.

“I will respond to an official invitation to visit France after a number of planned visits to a number of Arab countries,” Aoun told Ayrault, who visited him at Baabda Palace earlier today.

The Lebanese President highlighted the substantial need to have countries stand side-by-side fighting terrorism, hailing herein the Lebanese Security Forces’ unprecedented operations clamping down on terrorists in several Lebanese regions.

Moreover, Aoun deemed the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland the best solution to the Syrian tragedy, which Lebanon has been tolerating a big share of its ramifications.

“Lebanon is finally witnessing a recovery period in the wake of presidential elections and the new cabinet formation,” Aoun added, pledging wide-range national activity after the cabinet gains the Parliament’s confidence vote.

In turn, the French Foreign Minister relayed to Aoun French President François Holland’s felicitations.

“Lebanon has surpassed a critical stage and is finally heading in the right direction. The election of Aoun has placed Lebanon in a positive atmosphere,” Ayrault said, hoping that Lebanon will stay away from looming danger.

“France will continue support to Lebanon, especially to the Lebanese Army and security forces,” the French Minister added.