Media Institutions, Schools in Lebanon Stand Up for Human Rights

As part of an initiative by the UN Information Centre in Beirut (UNIC Beirut), Lebanese TV stations marked Human Rights Day on 10 December by highlighting several rights that, according to them, are still missing in Lebanon.

The initiative, which was under the Human Rights Day slogan for this year, “Stand Up for Someone’s Rights Today”, also entailed a symbolic action by school students who stood up in solidarity with a number of human rights mentioned in the Declaration.

TV stations marked this day by standing up during their evening news bulletins for specific rights they chose. LBCI began the news by asserting the indispensability of human rights and highlighting the rights for freedom and education, as well as the rights of women and disabled people.

OTV, for its part, detailed in a reportage the rights of minorities, while state-run TV station, Tele Liban, focused on the Declaration of Human Rights with all its articles that are relevant to Lebanon.

Tele Lumiere-Noursat also took part in this initiative by adopting six articles of the Declaration on its various channels. The rights are: Freedom of movement and residence, education, prohibition of slavery, access to decent work, health and well-being and social protection.

Among the schools that participated were Montana International College and Al-Ahliah School both of which stood for children’s rights and called for ensuring shelter to all those who are homeless.