Arslan meets FPM delegation, renews calls for proportionality

Head of the Lebanese Democratic Party, MP Talal Arslan, welcomed, at his Khalda residence on Monday, a delegation of the Free Patriotic Movement, with whom he discussed latest developments, particularly the election law.

“We visited MP Arslan to dwell on the election law. We both agreed on full proportionality which is the best solution to representing everybody,” MP Alain Aoun, accompanied by lawmakers Ziad Aswad and Neemtallah Abi Nasr, told reporters following the meeting.

“This wide alliance for proportionality must include a Druze reference in the country that expresses this key community,” he indicated.

“We must not surrender to the 1960 de facto law,” he maintained.

For his part, Arslan reiterated utter rejection of the 1960 law, renewing calls for proportionality.