Zahra: Aoun’s Tenure an Opportunity to Implement Taef Accord

Lebanese Forces bloc MP Antoine Zahra said on Friday his party has always carried the project of building the State, noting that “the LF seeks partnership as stipulated by the Taef Accord.”

In an interview on LBCI, Zahra said his party saw in President Michel Aoun a chance to re-implement the Taef agreement “as originally drafted and not as previously applied.”

“The LF has participated in three governments and has never been accused of suspicious behavior,” he argued, assuring that the distribution of quotas is not his party’s mission.

“We demanded a sovereign ministerial portfolio and the reply came that we only get the vice Premier portfolio and three others, based on which we nominated our ministers.”

“We are interested in facilitating things, but we are not concerned with providing concessions,” Zahra assured.

“When we requested a key portfolio, we were told that the situation is not suitable now,” since the upcoming government is temporary and will live for six months until the parliamentary elections are held, after which another government will be lined-up.

On a different note, Zahra said: “We will resist peacefully and politically, any attempt for Syrian interference in Lebanon.”

Referring to the latest visit of Grand Mufti of Syria to Lebanon, Zahra said: “I wonder why Patriarch Rahi received the Mufti of Syria, who is dancing on the graves of the dead, while leaders of other communities did not receive him.”