Lebanon News 8 hours ago 2 shares 2 0 0 Israeli army says Hezbollah map was only “Illustration”

The Israeli army admitted on Friday that a “declassified map” it published earlier this week depicting alleged armed deployment by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon was only “an illustration.”
The army said that the map, which Israeli media stated that it was circulated to foreign diplomats as an evidence of alleged Hezbollah aggressive purposes, was not based on any new intelligence information.

Asked by AFP if the map was an illustration or based on​ particular information, the army said it was “an illustration of Hezbollah’s intentional abuse of the civilians of Lebanon.”
The army released the map on Tuesday with symbols depicting alleged Hezbollah rocket launchers, infantry positions and tunnels in almost every village in southern Lebanon.
An accompanying Tweet of the Israeli army blamed the Lebanese group of “hiding behind Lebanese civilians, adding: “This is a war crime.”