Hizbullah Hails Bassil Rhetoric, Says Understanding with FPM ‘Unwavering’

Hizbullah hailed the rhetoric of Free Patriotic Movement leader and Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil and assured that relations between the two parties are “excellent,” al-Joumhouria daily reported Wednesday.

“Relations between the party and the FPM are excellent. The understanding between us with regard to the strategic and political positions is firm and deep,” Hizbullah sources told the daily.

The source added on condition of anonymity, “although differences in points of view on some issues exist but some are trying, for specific political goals, to stash rumors that a conflict lingers between us.”

On Tuesday Bassil stressed after the weekly meeting of the Change and Reform bloc that the FPM-Hizbullah alliance is “among our firm principles and our alliance is the result of honesty, commitment, sacrifice, efforts and blood.”

The Minister also assured “there will not be a Shiite-Christian rift, neither now nor in the future.”