Kataeb calls to ‘bury’ 1960 law, condemns attack on army

Kataeb party urged on Monday to “bury” the 1960 election law “which saps partnership and excludes a huge category of the Lebanese,” calling for the endprsement of a voting system that guarantees correct representation.

Turning to the government formation, the party called upon political sides to cease “the insulting sorting,” in reference to the distribution of ministerial portfolios, highlighting the obligation to complete the formation and endorse a new election law and the state budget.

Moreover, Kataeb condemned the attack on the Lebanese army in Bekaasafrin.

“The attack targets the role assumed by the army; it is also part of the national battle the military institution is leading on behalf of all the Lebanese, to secure stability and protect the country from the danger of terrorism,” the party said in a statement following its weekly meeting.