Bassil Reassures Safa on Ties as Hizbullah Vows to Facilitate Govt. Formation

Head of Hizbullah’s Liaison and Coordination Committee Wafiq Safa has expressed the party’s concerns regarding the new presidential tenure during a meeting with Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil, a media report has said.

“Safa raised Hizbullah’s concerns regarding a possible change in Rabieh’s stances, commitments and choices as Bassil reassured him that Rabieh has not changed its policies,” al-Markazia news agency reported.

Bassil, however, told the Hizbullah official that “the president cannot be a party but rather a president for all Lebanese.”

“The two parties also stressed that the cabinet must be formed as soon as possible in order to preserve the momentum with which the new presidential tenure has started,” the agency added.

“Bassil urged Safa to exert all efforts possible in this regard, especially that the obstacle is only revolving around one ministerial portfolio, and the latter promised cooperation,” al-Markazia said.