Alain Aoun partakes in Mediterranean Dialogue Conference in Rome: Lebanon cannot bear any Syrian refugee’s settlement

MP Alain Aoun stressed, on Sunday, that “Lebanon is unable to bear the settlement of any Syrian refugee on its territories.”

Speaking at the “Mediterranean Dialogue” Conference organized by the Italian Foreign Ministry in Rome,
Aoun said: “Lebanon’s good management of the displaced Syrians’ crisis, despite the weakness in showing solidarity with the Lebanese State in terms of sharing the burden, does not actually relieve the international community and regional powers from thinking and working on the future of Syria.”

“There can be no radical solution to the crisis of Syrian refugees unless if convenient conditions were secured for them after hostilities end,” Aoun underscored.

He added: “Accordingly, any simplistic thinking that once the war ends, all displaced Syrians will return automatically to their homeland, is groundless.”

Aoun emphasized that “appropriate efforts to secure the conditions for the success of such return ought to be exerted beforehand, not only at the security and military levels, but also at the social, economic and national levels.”